Quality Policy

In the field of software production in which we operate; To meet the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties in the fastest and best way, to offer quality and required-quality products, within the team spirit of our qualified human resources, by following modern technological developments and continuously updated trainings; in this direction, to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system by complying with the legal regulations and other conditions, quality management system conditions, and to ensure the implementation of the International Quality Management System (ISO 9001: 2015), Standard.

The issue, which is directly about human health, is an issue that all our employees should pay great attention to apply the information, to occupational health and safety of the organization at the highest level by protecting the confidentiality, to the integrity and accessibility values ​​of the information of the stakeholders, employees and to the institution by working with the principle of “Honesty” 

To maintain the effectiveness of the system, by attaching importance to regulatory and remedial activities by taking into account all risks and opportunities with a proactive approach, to use all the necessary resources for our Quality Management System, to spread the quality awareness with the participation of all our personnel and their leadership in their own areas of responsibility by taking the ISO 9001 international standard as a reference, to increase their knowledge and skills with the necessary trainings, to adoption of team’s principle,, thus to contribute to the process of "Awareness" and "Continuous Improvement".

To implement our goals and plans uninterruptedly in order to provide a safe environment in the company and to ensure the continuity of the applied standards. To prevent problems before they occur, by keeping every stage of our processes under control. It is our general principle to be a sought-after and preferred company in 5 continents.