computer Insurgateway is the first and only open insurance platform that accesses and centralizes all insurance companies’ products and services through a sole system.

In Turkey, the online and offline products of more than 40 insurance companies have been integrated into insurgateway and they have been available to acces for many banks, agents, brokers and digital channels.

For instance, when one wants to use the motor insurance of 10 insurance companies online, products of all of these companies can be integrated into sales channels through a sole web service via Insurgateway, instead of integrating the web services of each company separately.

The purpose of open insurance platform ‘Insurgateway’ is to save cost and time for stakeholders in the insurance industry, by avoiding the process of integration. Thus, it is more focused on producing more value-added work, and providing more time for both the process of sales and digital by reducing operational costs.


  • All Kinds of Insurance Activities of the Whole Insurance Company is on a Sole Platform
    You can view all kinds of production activities of all insurance companies that brokerage houses work with; such as proposals, policies, reconciliations, renewals, reports on a sole screen by comparing them all.
  • Customer Satisfaction with Quick-and-Alternative Offers
    No need to wait for each insurance company’s offer on the screen or repetitive form filling processes. With Insurgateway, you can view all the product offers,policies of all the insurance firms you work with and save time by filling out only one form on a sole screen
  • • Full Compliance with Legislation
    Insurgateway, prepared as an open insurance platform in compliance with the legislation, applies the changes centrally for all firms when there are legislative changes and eliminates risks.
  • Contribution to Your Company's Intellectual Capital
    Insurgateway provides technical consultancy on many issues such as how a data should be technologically established, how a study can be done and how to identify the right business needs. Therefore, one can access all kinds of industiral and technical information needed as much as a the web service level can provide.


  • Web Service Connections to Intermediary Firms through a Sole Platform
    We integrate all of your insurance company's products and web services into the insurgateway and provide their states to the intermediary firms. Therefore, one do not need to provide integration support for each intermediary firm.
  • Quality and Continuous Service
    ‘Team Insurgateway’ takes the responsibility of technical support for the process of product and service on behalf of you to improve your business and to guarantee a quality and continuous maintenance process.
  • Easy Integration to Alternative Channels
    You can integrate a product, which is defined on Intergateway, into many digital channels such as website, mobile, chatbot and smart robot.


  • onlineteklif

    Online Proposal

    It is to automatically create an offer record according to the sent values to the company via the web service and to receive information about the bonuses from the service. The bonus offered to the customers for the conditions is shared online within seconds.

  • Online Poliçe

    Online Policy

    It is to automatically create a policy according to the values sent to the company via the web service and to recieve the details from the company service.

  • Online Zeyil

    Online Addendum

    It is to create the required aaddendum (especially cancellation transactions) to a policy via the web service.

  • Online Mutabakat

    Online Transfer of Documents

    It is to transfer all kinds of documents such as the Offer, the Policy, the Addendum, the Information, the Reciept , the Extract of Account via the web service.

  • Online Yenilemeler

    Online Reconciliation

    It is to transfer the records existing in the firm to banks/agents/brokers online, collectively and individually, via transfer services. The transferred data is matched according to certain bank/agent/broker rules and conflicts are determined.

  • Online Otomatik Yenilemeler

    Online Renewals

    It is possible to renew a previously applied policy via the Gateway by reusing the existing information via the web service.

  • Online Automatic Renewals

    It is possible to renew numerous policy renewals, anytime, automatically via web services with Gateway.

  • Online Rapor Çekme

    How to Use Online Inquiry Services

    Services such as SBM, UAVT, Mernis, which are mandatorily or prioritily provided by the firms for the production of a product, can be used.

  • Offlinepro Ekranları

    Online Report Examining

    Present reports of the firms, if any, can be forwarded to the agencies via the service.

  • Güvenlik

    OfflinePro Screens

    Under all kinds of conditions, when the insurance firm is not able to provide production, easy-to-use screens are provided in order to meet the needs of all banks/agents/brokers. In this way, the communication and transfer speed between insurance firms and banks/agents/brokers is increased.


  • What is Production Integration?
    If it is required to share production between a bank/agent/broker and an insurance firm via web service, Acerpro's InsureGateway infrastructure; a process of code matching and parameter creating system (the values expected by the firm) are created which is performed according to the common language that banks can agree on. All kinds of information such as guarantees expected by the product, printed information, customer information, are transferred to the firms via web services.
    A process called ‘firmware’ is needed on InsureGateway in order to transmit the information received from the agency/bank/broker screens or systems to the firm and to return the information transmitted by the firm in a banking statement.
  • What is Online Product?
    Online Product is to provide an offer and a policy production by transferring the information received from banks/agents/brokers through InsureGateway to the insurance firm only via the web service. It means that the production by the insurance company is done without the need of any manpower. Creating a policy cannot validate the product ‘online’. All required documents(PDFs) of the product such as the offer and policy should be provided by the website. In order to achieve reconciliations, the firm is expected and integrated to transfer production data on a date-based basis via web service. Banks/agents/brokers should be able to transfer any data about an offer, a policy, an addendum (bonus, commission, insurance details) whenever it is required. InsureGateway provides all these easily to the industry stakeholders it renders service.
  • What is Offline Product?
    InsureGateway does not only provide online production to its users, but also uploads the processes that firms need to produce offline, through the portal given to insurance companies thanks to the OfflinePro portal, and automatically submits offers, proposals, revisions, policies , supplements, documents to the systems of banks / agencies / brokers. Furthermore, thanks to Insuregateway which can contact to the transder services of the firms during these processes, the firm's operation teams can automatically transfer the offer, policy and addendum that they have already created into their own screens.
    Thus, the operational processes will be kept to a minimum. In other words, thanks to InsureGateway and the OfflinePro screens offered, products that do not have any web service or cannot be produced over the web service can be produced thanks to the operational power of the firms. Productions can be sent to bank/agency/broker platforms automatically via InsureGateway.


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