computer BrokerPro is an insurance CRM system that enables brokers and agents to manage all their operations via a sole system. You can experience a unique insurance system with InsurancePro, which can integrate many functions such as customer card and customer tracking, offers, policies, renewals, cross-selling opportunities, insurance firm reconciliations, tracking the collection etc.

BrokerPro makes a difference with its cloud-based, powerful online infrastructure. Catch a competitive advantage by facilitating your operations with the service architecture software that complies, with the security standards applicable to the financial sector, complies with all legal regulations, and with the oportunity to integrated with other online channels.


  • Focus on Your Customers with a Strong CRM Infrastructure
    MIncrease the satisfaction of your customers with customer-based tracking, and access to the customers’ information such as the offers, the policies,the claims through online infrastructure from many channels, including mobile. Increase your service speed and customer satisfaction
  • Get Comparative Offers with Easy Offer Screens
    Get and compare online offers in insurance, traffic, DASK, travel, health and many other branches from InsurancePro for your customers. Enter the policies that your customers like with a credit card, and get a policy instantly
  • The Right Offer for the Right Customer
    With the professional CRM system and cross-selling opportunities, you can present the right offer to the right customer and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Save on Hardware and Security Costs with Ultimate Security
    With the powerful cloud infrastructure developed for banks, insurance companies and overseas projects, you can save on costs without having to think about security details such as server setup, maintenance, backup, antivirus.
  • Detailed and Customized Reporting Option
    You can view dozens of reporting options such as how much sales you have made from each product, how many policies you have issued for each customer, net and before tax bonus amounts, and you can customize the reporting according to your needs.
  • Track Your Income and Expenses
    Track your company's income and expense status with a simple and effective pre-accounting system, and track accounts with customer statements.


modulesicon Customer Management,
mergeicon Online
autoRoboticon Policy
insuranceicon Damage
dataicon Asset
handicon Cross-Saling
shopicon Book-keeping
databaseicon Consensus


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