computer All insurance transactions that a bank needs on a sole platform!

BancassurancePro is a digital bancassurance platform that totally integrates all processes of the bank into the main banking system through web services and centrally facilitates all insurance transactions that a bank needs..

It maximizes the penetration by integrating all processes of the bank into the main banking system through web services and facilitating insurance processes.It ensures to provide all offers, policies and collection processes of all insurance firms that the bank works with to be completed within seconds on a sole platform by comparing them all. It enables cross-selling, creating campaigns by integrating its sales channels with CRM applications defined on the platform. Also reconciliations can be executed on a daily basis by automatically executing renewals from the platform.

With the platform BancassurancePro, information security in all insurance processes is ensured with the highest level of controls. It has been regularly audited in details by banks and insurance firms and all processes its compliance with the legislation have been tested.

With BancassurancePro, one can reduce the operational load, manage sales-oriented works, and obtain benefit from numerous functions for customer satisfaction.


  • Offers a Sole Platform for All Insurance Transactions
    Bankasuranspro provides convenience and advantage by gathering all insurance transactions(Offer, Policy, Addendum, Renewal, Reconciliation, Campaign, CRM, Report, etc.) under a sole platform, that a bank needs.
  • Maximize Your Refresh Rates
    You can prevent renewal losses and ensure your customer continuity with automatic reminders from the platform 1 month before the expiry dates of the policies.
  • Offers Customers to choose viewing Comparative Offers
    You can view all the price offers, advantages and commission rates offered by the insurance company you work for, on a sole screen, and compare them.
  • Get a quotes with in Seconds, Save Time
    When you enter the information in the branch you want to get an offer, you will see the comparative offer instantly. You can quickly purchase the offer that suits you, and ensure that the policy become valid without waiting.
  • Supports Sales by Integrating with All the Channels of a Bank
    BancassuransPro supports sales and supports customer satisfaction by directly integrating with all bank channels such as the main banking application, branches,the website,the internet branch, the ATM and the call center.
  • Reducing the Operational Load and Focusing on Sales
    Since we centrally integrate the products and services of all the insurance firms you work with into the platform, your operation teams do not need to request separate transactions with each company. In this way, you can focus on sales as the operational load will be lightened.


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