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1 February 2016
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“Yemek Askısı” Application In Universities

In order to supply university students’ need of food, a special civil society initiative is begin to practice. Project called “Yemek Askısı”… It is enough to show student id to take advantage of the application. Yemek Askısı is Ottoman tradition, with the intent of fulfilling the food need of university students, project of Yemek Askısı carried into effect. Whole students whom go associated restaurants within the university campus can take advantage of “Yemek Askısı” through showing their student id. The carried into project with Yıldız Technic University and Teknopark’s contribution, the project owner is 6th grade student Kerem Acer. In an attempt to make students’ life easier and fulfill their need of food, Kerem Acer tell the arising of this project. “When we on vacation, we take a break in Susurluk way station. We all offered toast and buttermilk. While we were sitting in garden, an older man stand there. Our meals serviced, yet my brother Burak can’t stand and gave his meal to the old man instead. Then we wend our way. During the journey we talked about that and when we arrived to the hotel, we decided to do this project. We figure out little kindnesses have the power of warm the cockles of people’ heart. When we return, began to our civil society initiative immediately. ”

Project Owner Kerem Acer utter his goal with following words,

“I manage project’s sponsorship and restaurant affiliations my own. We want to achieve a larger student audiences with the project already started in Yıldız Technic University’s restaurant, ‘Yemek Askısı’. My goal is make at least 5 thousand students take advantage of this application. ”

Kerem Acer said, “In order to food allowance for university students, after offer your meal in affiliate restaurants, you chose the amount of the food that you want to give as charity and pay total. Bills’ of the products hanged ın ‘Yemek Askısı’. When the product hanged on ‘Yemek Askısı’, restaurant hang one themselves too. If you have know of any new and exciting ios how to hack a phone number with just the number observe 10 compatible themes, do let us know in the comments section below. Thereby, students whose needed take hanged bills through showing their student id and receive them freely. Besides, if you want to pay for a treat for students, you can use www. yemekaskisi. com. ”

Who is Kerem Acer?

Kerem Acer born in 2004 in Istanbul and he is secondary education 6th grade student. He goes in for swimming, kite surfing, football, rowing and ping pong. He is a project owner of “Food Hanger”. He intend to carry out and expand this project evermore.







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