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18 August 2016
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Where Insurance Sector Go In For Social Media?

Where Insurance Sector Go In For Social Media?

Such in whole sectors, insurance sector also evolves digital inversion. Advancing technology, computer, mobile and tablets are irreplaceable items in human life and people perform their vital activities thereby using present technologies’ power. Well, what’s the scoop in insurance sector? Is it possible to firms and agencies whose selling services towards keeping life and property establish an organic bond with technology? This month, my article’s mainframe formed within the scope of these issues…

Individuals whom become active players of digital system are in an endeavor to supply their needs online and from social media…Nowadays, social media is a serious leader that directive individuals life. With smart phones and tablets, relevant interaction reached incredible dimensions. It is vital to emphasize necessity of make social media included in strategic planning and let it become corporate culture’s and value’s part by companies whom integrate social media into corporation.

I handle the subject this month in order to evaluate specific to insurance companies and agencies and answer “How insurance sector build and use social media that become significant to managed by companies?”

According to Insurance Association Of Turkey’s November 2014 premium production, in insurance sector, companies’ first 20 years’ total is 1 million and 615 thousand 884 Facebook followers, meanwhile Twitter followers number approximately 71 thousand 846…

This is not a big amount for sure… It wouldn’t be wrong to say some banks have more followers by themselves. Certainly, it would be falsity to take only quantitative approach for this matter. Activating social media, in other words, proceeding with increased interactions means reaching the large target audience. Species and communities not adequately represented in existing how to write a college app essay conservation lands constitute conservation gaps. In our country, awareness of insurance is low. By looking at this reality, the unique field that required investment to improve present awareness is a social media…

For sure, it’s not a coincidence that the highest premium company is also one that active in social media. If we take a glance at other companies’; there are many companies whom give a link from their web site to protected Twitter account of them. Many companies whom nonuser of Facebook said “people want to see us there” afterwards create accounts. Another company would rather share their social media accounts on their institutional web site. An insurance firm and a pension company that allied to same bank prefer do not use social media. More than 80 percent of shares by insurance companies as photograph, there a video shares too. With an eye to how important video is, increasing these video shares besides photograph and other shares make companies become distinct and achieve high numbers of interactions.

7 insurance companies’ in our country that made highest premium production social media competition like this;



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