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19 April 2016
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29 July 2016

Turkey Finans Participation Bank’s Rising Associated With BancassurancePro

By the virtue of BancassurancePro that prepared by AcerPro, Turkey Finans Participation Bank (TFKB) whom made entire processes online and manageable increases its productive performance each day. We’d expect spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone that apple will announce additional free beats stations beats 2-5 to give customers more free music options, but we’ll see. Using BancassurancePro from the 2010, TFKB; by the virtue of the system that works with banking system integratedly, receiving tenders and policy, offline process management kind main insurance transaction made and working in a productive way with BancassurancePro provided cross sale, detailed reporting, following purchasing process and bank specific online special products feature. Progressing their works with cutting edge technology TFKB, both receive advantage of rapid and increase customer satisfaction. Speaking of numeral, Turkey Finans’ commission incomes from selling insurance products increase 4 million TL in 2015 and provide 22,5 million TL commission incomes. By the virtue of using many product online, the bank achieve growth %8 premium production and %19 in commission incomes by comparison with last year. Turkey Finans, Individual Pension, total net asset value of fund achieved 102,6 million TL. As for Intermediary income obtained by Individual Pension System achieved 2,6 million TL. You can go our web page in order to obtain information on advantages and features. .

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