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17 July 2011
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18 August 2011

Social Media Side Of Being Effective On The Web

sosyal-medya-1Ever changing economic balances all over the world has many influencers such “Political roles, needs, timing, transportation, market and marketing.” These named elements effects changing economic balances on a large scale.

As for Marketing; It keep its place to being vital and the most important element od economy. Ever since the internet come into individuals’ life, almost each area moved into internet. Naturally, marketing technics also get into cyber world and going ahead to improve its development. We can attribute it to increasing amount of internet users in our country and al over the world.

Internet users count was approximately 450 thousand in 1998, after a year from there, it reached three times more. Each passing year it increases, when it comes to 2011, it reached 35 million, in other words, almost %50. This situation made marketing technics move into web compulsorily.

With each passing day, thousands of web sites begin their broadcasting life, it is necessity to make difference and become familiar. There is a big cake in the middle and companies must compete in order to get a bigger slice. Therefore, primarily web site must built that has institutional identity. A site that provide easy use for its visitors. These sites becomes counters that can marketing services to millions of people. Besides, social networks gain importance. Using them efficiently and familiarity are going to be beneficial so as to have a bigger slice.

Social networks are dead well that millions of people whose searching for different things. There are plenty social networks for different kinds of target audiences. With developed technologies, people spent more time on social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most demanded examples of social networks. Google+ also reach 10 million members in a short while after published. This shows that as institutions we should take part in this construction.

Usage of social network is a profession. Social Media Marketing’s crucial purpose is not finding target audience but keep them followed. Because, there are plenty opponents whom present same services. You should renew yourselves perpetually and keep in step with cyber world. You should well analyzed timing and internet users’ profiles scrutinized elaborately. Most efficient times should determined and actions must be taken accordingly.

Social networks are quite available to campaigns. All sorts of products marketed easily in this medium and most efficient advertising technic is short and long term campaigns. Arranging campaigns regarding the your product attract people’s attentions and you can increase your familiarity. Plenty social network like Diigo, Delicious, Google Buzz , StumpleUpon, LinkedIn should analyzed elaborately with regards to target audiences.

Social networking sites improving and developing themselves and categorize user profiles on the basis of interested areas well. By the virtue of this categorization, companies can reach their accurate target audience easily and efficiently. Using social network in order to effective product marketing is not as short matter as told in a singe article. Professional consultant service should be given.

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