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25 August 2016
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29 June 2017

Number Of Software Graduates: 10 Thousand Required Number Is 70 Thousand

Number Of Software Graduates: 10 Thousand
Required Number Is 70 Thousand

Riveting with high added value production “software sector” experiences difficulty on qualified personnel shortage. Approximately produce 10 thousand graduates and sector’s need is about 70 thousand. One of the 2023 goal of Turkey’ is 10 billion dollars software exportation. The profession is waiting for whom make their career plans

New occupation opportunities and work areas are opening everyday for whom suffer from unemployment. 10 billion dollars software exportation that within the scope of Government’s 2023 goals contribute employment is about 1 million people. Improvement in the sector is determinative for our country’s SME’s development and endorsement.

Software Industrialists Association President Doğan Ufuk Güneş stated that, “Universities produce 10 thousand graduates but sector needs 60-70 thousand people.”

“Last year, Turkey’s software importation 1 billion 250 million. In turkey there are software departments in 6 universities. When the government’s 10 billion Dollars goal actualized, employment opportunity provided for 1 million people. At the present, 250 employees work in this sector. There are 2 thousand and 300 software companies. Thousand and sixty of these companies’ come together in heaps of Technology Development Centers. Approximately 100 firm succeed on exportation for 50 countries and 12 free zones.”

Preventing Brain Drain Is Necessary

AcerPro Information Technologies’ Chairman Of The Executive Board Fatih Acer made evaluations relating to the matter and emphasized sector’s needs of software developer and stated other countries’ demanded on a good software developer, “A good software developer offered an opportunity by many countries. Besides, they confer citizenship. Government must break through recently in order to make an inversion of brain drain.

Acerpro Editor
Acerpro Editor

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