29 June 2017

Insurance Sector to Develop with Insurtech

Everything in the world changes rapidly and nothing is ever the same. Especially in the field of technology changes take place at an incredible speed. The digital era […]
6 September 2016

Number Of Software Graduates: 10 Thousand Required Number Is 70 Thousand

Number Of Software Graduates: 10 Thousand Required Number Is 70 Thousand Riveting with high added value production “software sector” experiences difficulty on qualified personnel shortage. Approximately […]
25 August 2016

Where Insurance Sector Go In For Social Media?

Where Insurance Sector Go In For Social Media? Such in whole sectors, insurance sector also evolves digital inversion. Advancing technology, computer, mobile and tablets are irreplaceable […]
18 August 2016

Ürgüp Tesan Science High School Students Visited AcerPro

Acerpro Chairman Of The Executive Board Fatih Acer gave a brief seminar for Ürgüp Tesan Science High School student whom visited our company last month. After […]
1 August 2016

10 Golden Rules To Digitalizing In Insurance Sector

“Transformation arises from necessity” Emerging technologies, new distribution models, changing customer attitudes and progressively getting difficult domestic, regional and global regulations force insurance sector such in […]
29 July 2016

Digital PR And Online Reputation Management In Insurance

  Insurance is one of the sector which included intense communication. Thereby, it has also high potential in terms of communication crisis. Well, what can be […]
20 April 2016

Turkey Finans Participation Bank’s Rising Associated With BancassurancePro

By the virtue of BancassurancePro that prepared by AcerPro, Turkey Finans Participation Bank (TFKB) whom made entire processes online and manageable increases its productive performance each […]
19 April 2016

Destek Patent Renewed!

Down from 1983; Destek Patent’ that provides services on brand, patent and industrial design web site is renewed in an attempt to modern, obtaining required information […]
21 March 2016

Housewarming Party Becoming To Spring’s First Day

In 2005, when we take the first step into that little office, we were just a few and felt rush, stress and complicate many other feelings, […]
24 February 2016

“Yemek Askısı” Application In Universities

In order to supply university students’ need of food, a special civil society initiative is begin to practice. Project called “Yemek Askısı”… It is enough to […]