With a technologic revolution we made towards Online Insurance sector, we carry out a work in respect of especially transferring Insurance Companies’ products into a new distribution channel that online platform.

By the virtue of BankassurancePro and InsurancePro platforms, Bank, Broker, Agencies and direct digital sales channels can use insurance companies’ products online and comparatively.

We supply the needs of software for Insurance Companies’ on B2B, B2C; Web and Mobile with our experienced staff.

Web And Mobile Applications For Direct Insurance Selling On Internet

We provide technological infrastructure that insurance company can presents its insurance activities in order to direct selling with web portal and mobile applications. Primary features as follows

  • Customer can receive insurance services.
  • Online offers received in an easiest and quickest way.
  • Completed policy transactions itself.
  • It can manage customer’ personal information.
  • Policy cash proceeds can be inquired immediately.
  • Allocate more time and source for products that required one to one contact.
  • Policy changes or cancellation demand made immediately.
  • More knowledge can be gained on insurance products and policy assurances.
  • Cross selling applications can be used.
  • For instance; customer who wants to receive tender on only building warranted Dwelling also can be presented commodity price offers.
  • With present id and tax id defined potentially Traffic and Motor information from Tramer.
  • Renewal reminder services presented.

Digital Bancassurance Platform (BankassurancePro)

The platform constituted in order to use insurance companies’ product and services by bank channel. Working full integrated with banking system. Platform created for banks whose working with multi insurance companies and exclusively ones.

You can increase bank amount included in BankassurancePro that already used by Turkey’s outstanding banks. You can integrate personal and institutional online and offline products into BankassurancePro platform that preferred by banks, and make it ready for operation.

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Agencies and Brokers Platform (B2B)

We present your companies’ agency and broker screens as a web based platform.

  • Policy and offer process made in an easiest way.
  • It can work with insurance company’ basic software integratedly.
  • Life and Elementary whole products can be integrated online or offline.
  • Advanced reporting features can be used.
  • It is easy and rapidly to transact with new sales, renewals, postscripts and potential sales modules.
  • Campaign modules can be used.
  • Cross-selling applications can be made.
  • It is a web based online platform.

Digital Insurance Platform (InsurancePro)

We carry your agencies and brokers into digital.

In order to respond the need of agencies and brokers whom associated with only your company or multi insurance companies, integrated personal or institutional productions online and offline into InsurancePro platform that allowed insurance activities transact on a single platform and uses entire technology channels in an integrated way, you can make your company ready to agencies and brokers.

We provide digital insurance selling infrastructure, mobile application and digital marketing activities services for agencies and brokers that you already associated or new agencies and brokers that you received as a result of exist on InsurancePro platform.

For detailed information InsurancePro

AcerCrea Digital Agency Services

We provide agency services for specific to insurance sector that given proprietarily insurance company and its agencies.

  • Web site design as regulatory compliance specific to Insurance Company.
  • Social Media Management specific to Insurance Sector.
  • Email Marketing that sales and informing issued specific to Insurance Sector
  • Media Purchasing specific to Insurance Sector
  • Special Project Planning specific to Insurance Sector
  • Advertising Management specific to Insurance Sector
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