The Insurtech revolution is changing the way that insurance companies sell insurance, we are focusing on transferring traditional sales methods onto new online distribution platforms

At AcerPro, we have created BrokerPro and BancassurancePro that will make it easier for insurance companies to connect digitally with agents, brokers, banks and directly with their customers.

We supply all the software needs, both Web & Mobile services, with our experienced staff, for Insurance Companies’ whether B2B or B2C.

Direct Insurance Sales via Internet Web and Mobile Applications (B2C)

With the web portal and mobile applications for direct sales, we provide all the technological infrastructure that allows an insurance company to sell directly to the cutomer online. Its main features are as follows;

  • Customer has direct access to insurance services.
  • The easiest and fastest methods are available online.
  • Complete policy transaction from proposal to premium collection and policy issue.
  • Management of a customer's personal data.
  • Policy information can be provided instantly.
  • More resources and time can be allocated for products that require direct contact with the customer e.g. call centre or face to face sales meeting.
  • Requests such as policy changes and cancellations can be made immediately.
  • More detailed information about insurance products and policy details are easily available.
  • Cross-sell applications are available.
  • Renewal reminder services offered.

Digital Bancassurance Platform (BancassurancePro)

The platform was created for the sale of insurance products and services through a bank channel. It is fully integrated with the banking system. It is a platform created for multiple insurance companies (brokerage) products or exclusively with a single insurance company..

Currently, the number of banks using BacassurancePro is increasing and will continue to do so. Banks are willing to work with new insurance companies that have new products, e.g. Islamic insurance. Insurance companies can get ready to work with the banks by integrating their online or offline products, either individual or corporate, into BancassuransPro.

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Agency and Broker Platform (B2B)

We provide agency and broker screens as a web-based platform.

  • Product proposal and policy issue is easy and fast.
  • An insurance company can be fully integrated into our software platform.
  • Life and Non-Life products can be integrated online / offline.
  • Advanced reporting features are available.
  • New sales, renewals, alterations and other administration issues are easy and fast to process.
  • Campaign modules are available.
  • Cross-selling applications can be made.
  • It is a web based online platform.

Digital Insurance Platform (BrokerPro)

We move agencies and brokers into the digital age.

BrokerPro is a special solution platform for agency or broker that enables a business to carry out any insurance transactions smoothly and efficiently. The most important feature of BrokerPro is that it is a web-based platform that enables insurance agents / brokers to prepare proposals and make policy sales online, track proposals and policies, and report on sales..

Thanks to BrokerPro, branch or agency users can make policy transactions online in real time. In addition, users can instantly see advanced reports on policy transactions, Branch / Agency reconciliations and sales reports within the limits of their authority.

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AcerCrea Digital Agency Services

We offer specialized services for the insurance sector, which can provided to the company itself or its agents.

  • Web site design as regulatory compliance specific to Insurance Company.
  • Social Media Management specific to Insurance Sector.
  • Email Marketing that sales and informing issued specific to Insurance Sector
  • Media Purchasing specific to Insurance Sector
  • Special Project Planning specific to Insurance Sector
  • Advertising Management specific to Insurance Sector
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