“Yemek Askısı” Application In Universities
24 February 2016
Destek Patent Renewed!
19 April 2016

Housewarming Party Becoming To Spring’s First Day

In 2005, when we take the first step into that little office, we were just a few and felt rush, stress and complicate many other feelings, we laugh indeed. We always imagine that we are a strong family whom achieve successes one after another. We surpass 10 years. In this compelling journey, we hit the top with an excitement of first day. We grown and become a grand family and make no concessions on our laughs or stands. As Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. ” The secret of success supposed to be this we guess. 3-

In a rush, we celebrate two angels’ descend to earth with a Baby Shower of Şerife Aktaş and our project manager Arzu Eygi whom efforts are priceless. Hard to take bu it was a farewell actually. 2-

Happy family portrait’s ladies did it again, they set a table just like they wine and dine Vedat Millor, tastes were fascinating. It was hard to do not laugh when the table seen 🙂


Enshrine 21 March in our hearts, Chief Executive Of Company Fatih Acer’s birthday embellish the day. In behalf of AcerPro family, Senior Software Specialist Aytül Peker gave this family clock as a gift. I think this a very important topic because I am usually very tired during class especially when I get under 8 college-homework-help.org hours of sleep. We wish the best, healthy and longevity again. ea48206d-58e3-4039-85f0-8d2a70f39a97


When it comes to end of the day, we celebrated enthusiasm of the spring with glad tidings and superb tastes. Unity and solidarity is mostly necessity today, therefore, we would like to conclude with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ quotation;

“Not for yourselves, but pull together for your affiliated nation, this is the last word in working. ”


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