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20 April 2016
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Digital PR And Online Reputation Management In Insurance


Insurance is one of the sector which included intense communication. Thereby, it has also high potential in terms of communication crisis. Well, what can be done to increase perception of insurance and establish trust and which steps must taken in order to reduce negative impressions? So as to seek answers and share it, this month we touch on “Digital PR And Online Reputation Management In Insurance” matter…

Primarily, let’s lead in with comprehending notions…

According to Turkish Language Society, reputation expressed as respectability, nevertheless, we have to discuss it thoroughly. Thereby, we can call “reputation” affirmative and unfavorable estimations of people on persons and institutions as a whole. Besides it is an immediate influence on brand’s, institution’ or persons’ social and economic activities, it also holds “thrust” fundamentally indeed.

Reputation management in case, can be explained as consisted of society’s and opponents’ perceptual value and entire activities that improve attitudes and provisions meanwhile affect and keep a tight rein on.

Formation of affirmative reputation is essential for reputation management and in order to prevent lose reputation of person or institution, possible risks and hitches can be overcome in a time of crisis by means of manoeuver in accordance with determined strategies.

Sales of companies whom applied reputation management accurately are highly tolerant when they come up with crisis and risks care of society and target audience in comparison to opponents and they have continuous increase.

Building A Reputation Steps Of Insurance Sector

 When it comes to approach “reputation” within the scope of insurance sector, we can collocate the necessary actions as follows;

1) First of all, it is requisite to determine corporate culture and messages suitable for it’s image. Designing appropriate messages and taking customer oriented aspect to forefront is vital to build corporate’s reputation perception. Given messages’ consistency is another important matter. Otherwise, feeling of confidence that essential for reputation may be lost. Messages must be repeated and continuous. When insurance sector’s dynamic structure considered, “digitalizing” is engaged in so as to proceed repeatability and continuity properly. As a result of this necessity, “Digital PR” comes in sight.

2) As I stated in previous article (10 Golden Rules Of Digitalization), in order to practice Digital PR and Online Reputation Management good, one of the rule is presence of a project manager whom follows the process. Thereby, digitalizing process managed well meanwhile possible hitches and reputation losses prevented too.

3) Likewise, using developed insurance platform and planning digitalizing process of your agency is a significant point to prevent possible loss of prestige as a result of hitches.

4) Web based sales and marketing activities, using mobile technologies make a great contributions for corporate’s reputation process. In recent conditions, being easily accessible raises the level of perceiving. In brief, corporations’ whom carry on a business in dynamic insurance sector inversion to digital is the vital step of PR and reputation management’s process. We can say that easily reachable technology is “an immediate action plan” for corporates to integrated digital age erewhile.

5) Presenting messages without deduction is vital as well as which channels used. Nowadays, social media topple traditional media (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc. ) from its throne, thereby, transferring messages on social media become necessity. Nevertheless, it is non negligible that social media management also required a specific strategy and planning.

6) Yet another important matter on Reputation management is using search engine marketing efficiently. Internet market and social media stronger today, therefore, do not taken part in this market in order to give messages and sell bring about reputation loss as well as falling behind opponents in selling.

Digitalizing become vital and reach significant point today, thereby it is out of the question that insurance sector become distanced to this. With digitalizing, insurance sector redefined on the field of production designing and producing, marketing and channel management, operation and sales process management, integrations with new channels and detailed reporting. In order not to fall behind opponents in redefined insurance sector, it is necessity place emphasis to digitalizing and with digitalized world, digital PR and online reputation management.

I would be glad to answer your questions on digitalizing your agency, digital PR and online reputation management. You can contact me on following contact information.

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