BankasurancePro is a platform that provides online comparison insurance website services.

As a software company that leads the world in digital bancassurance, we offer a platform that completes all insurance operations required by a bank through a single platform that is fully integrated with the banking system.

At AcerPro, we have created a platform that will make it easier for banks to connect with insurance companies. "BancassurancePro" is a platform that provides online, web based and comparison insurance services.

With BancassurancePro, bank users can get comparison quotes from many insurance companies within seconds. Other advantages that minimize the operational burden are as follows:p>

Manageability from a Centralized Platform

You can do all your insurance related transactions through a single screen. You can edit, generate specific reports and verifiy details. We offer an easy, understandable and user-friendly system.

Speed ​​and Efficiency in Proposal and Policy Processes

We can offer comparison quotes easily and quickly, from a range of insurance companies, to bank personnel through BancassurancePro. You and the customer can choose the most suitable from these offers and you can create a policy in real-time. It can also take policy payments instantly from the customer's credit card or account. This provides maximum time effeiciency and satisfaction for all parties.

Real-time Detailed Reporting

For proposals or policies you create on the system; you can receive real-time detailed reports by setting various criteria. You can see examples of in-depth reports that can be created to help guide new business strategies. The software can also prepare graphics that provide additional visual tools.

Communication with Insurance Companies via GatewayPro

BancassurancePro communicates with insurance companies in the background, collects the services they provide in a pool and presents them to the user through a single portal. GatewayPro provides this communication using advanced technology. In affect, it builds a single gate that enables the bank to gain access to multiple insurance companies.

Offers Comparative Premiums and Coverages in PDF

As a result of collecting the comparitive premiums from insurance companies, you can view the offer document in PDF format. You can compare the premiums and coverages with your customer and select the most suitable product. You can share these documents with your customer by e-mail if you wish.

Integration with your Banking System

BancassurancePro can be integrated into the banking system that you already use. You can provide user and customer based integration. Additionally, you can create a common structure for policy payments and credit.

Integrates with Call Center

By integrating insurance processes with call center systems, they can be monitored and reported from a single point.

Provides Cross & Up Selling Opportunities

During the "Know Your Customer" sales process, all renewal dates for motor, home, property, savings and any other insurance product can be recorded into the system for later follow-up. Also notes and dates for any future life events can be added for follow-up later.

Provides Online/Offline (Hybrid) Proposal And Policy Process Management

Propsals that need simple underwriting can be issued online in real-time. However, some proposals will need further investigation and more complex underwriting, these cases are still used to submit applications but they become offline until the necessary investigations are done. Only then can policies be issued online. All Online and Offline proposals / policy processes can be reported collectively.

Provides Linkage into External Platforms

Can be linked to any third party system for regulation, compliance etc., when applicable.

Initially the full portfolio of existing policies are imported into BancassurancePro. All policies with 1 month remaining at the end of the policy can be listed and renewed either automatically or on approval by the customer..


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