Bancassurance Platform provides insurance services comparatively online and web based.

As AcerPro, the software company that progress to become world leader regarding the Bancassurance platforms, we provide banking system integrated working platform over a single one for bank’s entire required insurance operations.

As AcerPro, we establish a platform that makes bank’s communication easier with insurance companies. “Online Bancassurance Platform” is online and web based platform that offers comparative insurance services.

By virtue of Online Bancassurance Platform, users receive offers from many insurance companies within seconds comparatively. Reduced operational workload Online Bancassurance Platform’s other advantages as follows;

Manageability By Central Platform

You can make entire insurance transaction on a single screen, besides editing and managing, likewise reporting elaborately. We offer a user friendly and coherent system.

Speed And Convenience During The Processes Of Offer And Policy

On BankAssurancePro, we offer a construction for bank employees that make easier to receive offers and compare them between each other. Albeit, they can chose the likeliest offer and make a policy in a little while. They can receive policy payment at the same time on customer’ credit card or account. Hereby, labour loss prevented too.

Real Time Elaborative Reporting

You can report offers and policies made on system elaborately with determining variety criterions. You can strategize and process new business strategies and see elaborative reports samples. If you please, you can carry your reports into graphics and evaluate them.

Contact Insurance Companies On GatewayPro

BankAssurancePro communicates with insurance companies in background, gather them in one pool and present them into users on a channel. Emerging technologies built in GatewayPro provides and presents this connection. In one respect, it builds a gate that provides communication among insurance companies not separately but a single channel.

Presenting Price Assurances Comparatively As PDF

You can see the offer’ documents as PDF on the basis of insurance company, as a result of insurance companies’ demanded offer price sum. Also you can follow variety insurance companies’ prices comparatively on PDF document therewithal and check against other assurances. If you please, you can share the documents with your customer by the way of mail.

Providing Integration With Banking System

BankAssurancePro can be integrated into banking system that you already use. You can provide user and customer oriented integrations. Therewithal, you can build a common structure with policy payments and credit systems.

Integrate Into Call Center

You can make a common platform with call center’ systems. Also you can see and follow call center users as customer representatives besides reporting and reviewing through any medium as you pleased.

Cross Selling Opportunity

Our BankAssurancePro product has a feature of cross selling between branches (Traffic, Motor Insurance, Dwelling, TCIP, etc.). Your customer representative has a chance to work motor insurance, synchronically can work on traffic product. Saving policies that their dates are approaching into system, they can followed from potential list thusly. Besides, with customer based controls, absent policies also can saved to the potential list and can be followed. Herewith, you can increase your sales potential and use the feature of selling two products to your customer.

Online/Offline (Hybrid) Offer And Policy Process Management

While working offers by insurance companies, process can be followed in all with adding offline offer process into online one. Online and Offline whole offer/policy processes can be reported as whole.

Integration into Tramer, TCIP, Identity Sharing System, APS, EGM

Inquiries can be made by Tramer (Traffic Insurances Information Center), TCIP, Identity Sharing System, APS, EGM. While working on offers, the information sharing as a result of query provides advantage with regard to labor force and you can receive information regarding the relevant vehicle (totalled or not, chassis no and engines) and you can reach old policy information if available. Thereby, you can remove or add supplementary coverage related to offer.

Manuel Or Automatic Policy Renewal

At the first stage, existing policies transferred to Insurance Platform. Policies that has a month to expiry are listed from renewal list and if customer pleased, you can email or text warning messages. Offers work single or undividedly on this renewal list and if customer approved, policy can be issued.


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