AcerPro has established and continues to develop the BrokerPro Online Insurance Platform. By leveraging on our 12 years of knowledge and experience we have produced one of the most advanced online software solutions in the insurance sector.

BrokerPro is a special solution platform for agency, broker, bank or affinity program that enables a business to carry out any insurance transactions smoothly and efficiently. The most important feature of BrokerPro is that it is a web-based platform that enables insurance agents / brokers to prepare proposals and make policy sales online, track proposals and policies, and report on sales.

Thanks to BrokerPro, branch or agency users can make policy transactions online in real time. In addition, users can instantly see advanced reports on policy transactions, Branch / Agency reconciliations and sales reports within the limits of their authority.

Managed from the Central Platform

Online and Offline processes are all done on one screen and reported in real time.

Shorten Offer and Policy Operations Process

Agency / Broker users receive premium quotes online, offering comparisons from multiple insurance providers within seconds. The collection is made by creditcard and the application process is completed on the same screen.

Provides Real-time Detailed Reporting

All transactions can be reported in detail and instantly by sales channel, branch, team, user, company, date and many other reporting criteria.

Provides Communication with Insurance Companies via GatewayPro

GatewayPro provides a single web service by combining and standardizing product offer and policy web services provided by insurance companies in a centralized system.

Offers Comparative Premiums and Coverages in PDF

When the quotation is generated, the premiums and coverages are presented on a comparative table and can be sent to the customer in PDF format.

Fully Integrates with Call Center

By integrating insurance processes with call center systems, everything can be monitored and reported from a single point.

Provides Cross & Up Selling Opportunities

During the "Know Your Customer" sales process, all renewal dates for motor, home, property, savings and any other insurance product can be recorded into the system for later follow-up. Also notes and dates for any future life events can be added for follow-up later.

Provides Online/Offline (Hybrid) Proposal And Policy Process Management

Propsals that need simple underwriting can be issued online in real-time. However, some proposals will need further investigation and more complex underwriting, these cases are still used to submit applications but they become offline until the necessary investigations are done. Only then can policies be issued online. All Online and Offline proposals / policy processes can be reported collectively.

Provides Linkage into External Platforms

Can be linked to any third party system for regulation, compliance etc., when applicable.

Policy Renewal: Manual or Automatic

Initially the full portfolio of existing policies are imported into BrokerPro. All policies with 1 month remaining at the end of the policy can be listed and renewed either automatically or on approval by the customer.

Portfolio and Policy Migration

Daily and automatic policy transfer is performed from insurance companies providing policy transfer via Web Service. Alternatively, the production list can be taken in excel or xml format and manually transferred to BrokerPro.

Offers Web-based Online Platform

Access to BrokerPro via the internet is possible with user name and password without any installation required.


The satisfaction of our business partners is our best reference. We hope to see you among our future references by serving you too.