As AcerPro Information Technologies with 10 years experience in information and software field and our leading expert staff, we break new ground and constitute InsurancePro Online Insurance Platform that one of the important software solution on insurance sector as well we keep going to develop it.

InsurancePro is a special solution platform for agency, broker, bank and other equity houses whose carry on a business in insurance sector and in order to complete their transactions smoothly. The most important feature of InsurancePro is making transactions as preparing an offer and policy selling by insurance broker online, and web based, the platform provides following offers and policies and make it possible to receive the report regarding the sale.

By virtue of InsurancePro, branch and agency users can proceed policy transactions online and rapidly. In addition to this, users allowed to see developed reports on policy transactions also branch’s, agency’s agreements and sales reports within the boundaries of authorization.

Manageability By Central Platform

Online and Offline entire processes made and report on a single screen.

Reduce Offer And Policy Operation’ Process

Agency / Broker users receive tenders by insurance companies online and comparatively within the seconds by virtue of InsurancePro. Both payment transaction made by company on credit card and policy transaction can be made on a single screen.

Provides Real Time Elaborative Reporting

Entire transactions on the basis of sales channel, branch, user, company, date and with many of other reporting criterions can be reported elaborately and transiently.

Provide Connection With Insurance Companies On GatewayPro

By the virtue of GatewayPro, insurance companies’ provided product offer and policy web services associated in a central system and standardized as a single web service.

Presents Price And Assurances Comparatively As PDF

When offer received, prices and assurances presented on a comparatively table and sending to customer as PDF.

Integrate Into Call Center

Thereby integrating Call Center systems into insurance process, they can followed by single point and reported.

Provides Cross Selling Opportunity

Products as Motor/Traffic, Dwelling/ Dask can be inquired synchronically and saving policies that their dates are approaching into system, they can followed from potential list. Besides, with customer based controls, absent policies also can saved to the potential list and can be followed.

Provides Online/Offline (Hybrid) Offer And Policy Process Management

With adding offline offer process into online one with entire details can be followed as a whole. Online and Offline entire offer/policy processes can be reported as whole.

Works with tramer, dask, egm integratedly

Inquiries can be made on system such Tramer, DASK, EGM.

Renewals Made Manuel Or Automatic

At the first stage, existing policies transferred to Insurance Platform. Policies that has a month to expiry are listed from renewal list and the offers work at the same time, if customer approved, policy can be issued.

Makes Policy Transfer

Daily and automatic policy transfer made by insurance companies’ whose provided policy transfer on web service. For other insurance companies, production list taken as Excel or XML from the screens that available for agencies and transferred into InsurancePro.

Presents Web Based Platform Opportunity

Without any need of installation, it is possible to access InsurancePro with user name and password on web.


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