AcerPro & NEVBİAD Nevşehir Ziyareti
8 January 2016
“Yemek Askısı” Application In Universities
24 February 2016

Acerpro Gain More Strength With MVC And ASP.Net Trainings

As AcerPro family, we take firm steps forward for our purpose. We completed the course of education’s first phase through developing ourselves with our teammates perpetually and in order to chime in with state of the art technology. With the projects we developed within the scope of our company, we started integration works accomplishedly in order to make them more user friendly and with higher quality. During this process, we provided 40 hours ASP. NET and C# essential MCV education. In this education process, Bootstrap education is completed on the purpose of improve user interface and standardize transactions. Education used in an enriched sample application Entity Framework that one of the Microsoft technologies. common app essay prompt 1 help… As database, MS SQL 2014 is used. In our education, with ASP. NET and MVC application developing, Framework architecture told in various aspects began to the elementary. Our education exemplified on a scenario and advanced subjects examined elaborately. AcerPro thinks the most important investment is human resources and going ahead growing each passing day to becoming a big family. Given missions and exams during the education created a sincere competition environment. Here 25 participants and delighting scenes from the education;









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