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29 July 2016
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10 Golden Rules To Digitalizing In Insurance Sector

“Transformation arises from necessity”

Emerging technologies, new distribution models, changing customer attitudes and progressively getting difficult domestic, regional and global regulations force insurance sector such in others into transformation. In the current digital age, we must have a command of digitalizing process in order to engage attention of target audience somehow and gain their trust with our knowledge also to become wander from opponents. Hence, it is necessity to determine accurate strategies with digital channels and digital route map also progress within the scope of basic rules.

1-Have a Project Manager

During the enter in to the process of digitalizing, it is required to have an economist whom has knowledge on technology and ability to manage team well aw well as focusing on only this business.

Project manager required having qualifications as setting targets, presenting advantageous features than opponents, making profitability analysis and setting an advertising budget. Concurrently, the project manager should have skills to manage processes such, from infrastructure works to operation, advertising to create merchantable products and customer relations to sales operation actively.

2-Using A Developed Insurance Platform

New channels coming in sight while technology is advancing. Thereby, it is inevitably to setting up substructures that can be integrated into these new channels. There must be Service Oriented substructure. The most important feature of being Service Oriented is can be integrated into web applications, mobile applications, call centers, accounting, affiliate systems, courses of advertisement, social media, smart cars, smart watches, kiosks, smart glasses and developing entire new technologic devices easily.

3-Plan Your Agency’s Digitalizing Process

Agency employees should digitalize entire sales operation including from web, mobile, social media, e-mail, search engine and other courses of advertising and optimize advertisings within the scope of a plan on a single platform. Tenders can be received on a single platform comparatively. Policy should be made with receiving. Postscript and renewal process should be managed on a single platform.

Potential sales, cross sales and developed CRM which processes that customers need must be managed by a central platform.

Detailed reporting system is required. On the basis of channel and company, commission, damage, target and actualization reports can be received. Agreements between companies can be reached automatically.

4-Place Emphasis On Selling Online

Online selling process must carried out on a smart platform that fulfills the needs of customers’ on an insurance field and guide them. This platform must included developable systems, must be accessible and present elaborative measurements.

If we address an insurance services issue in accordance with needs, Platform should presents entire insurance needs wholly on a single system for personal and institutional customers.

Presenting accessible and easy services in a solution oriented way puts forth insurance’s primary objective. Supposing that you installed the best platform, in fact you developed world’s best platform. Nevertheless, its benefits beside the mark as long as customer don’t show up. Thereof, place emphasis on digital marketing activities necessarily.

5-Use Mobile Technology

Increasing usage of mobile phones and tablets, make existing platforms used in mobile obligatory. Mobile technologies change our usages. This is because I would only have a limited amount of resources, in this extensive link case money. These changes oblige us to use mobile structures. Increasing services by the help of mobile devices’ features get the whip hand of opponents by the virtue of integration into smart devices and being accessible.

6-Get Integrate Into Call Center

Call center systems and insurances processes should progress integratedly. Entire actions included in process should set business for call center. Definer and automatic calls should made. By details of customers, whole calls regarding the customer should be accessible and recorded. Inbound and outbound calls required to be recorded into call system. It is necessary to associate with call center employee that insurance sales expert whose has comprehensive knowledge of the matter. An expert team should employed or receive services from professional call center company.

7-Using Social Media Efficiently And Planned

Actions should be taken with planned movements on social media as required. Your social media should be updated all the while. If you don’t have a team inside, work with a professional team necessarily. Customer needs or probable needs on insurance should shown through social media and direct them to purchase. Easier and accessible services should be presented for customer through developing social media insurance applications.


Place Emphasis On E-Mail And SMS Marketing

E-bulletins should be issued which required for customers needs on insurance services.

These e-bulletins dimidiated as sale oriented and information oriented. Objectives in accordance with customers should be determined. These objectives should address within the scope of sample.

It should reminding customer on impending expiry dates. Customer should receive tender and policy services on mobile or call center.

If customer receive tender on web but didn’t receive policy, then system should remind customer periodically and the customer should go ahead on web.

Provide make a good impression on customer with messages that sent on special days , these practice stick your company in the mind.

9- Take Advantage Of Search Engine Marketing Benefits

You should take advantage of search engine marketing’ benefits in order to attract visitors. Especially the key words that mostly searched on insurance and insurance products should be determined in accordance with the needs. Being in the first place on target audience’s searched competitive words such motor, traffic make you one step ahead. Naturally, you need a professional support to do that, it is required to managing your advertising budge with a accurate strategy.

Except advertising activities, in order to be on the top contextual and technic optimizing works should be done and organic traffic should increased. Prepared content should be updated and genuine.

10- Efficiently Usage Of Other Channels

Insurance contents that attract the customers should be published efficiently on Skype, Whatsapp, affiliate, banners, sponsorships, printed media, newspaper, television, radio, billboard, magazine, post and other channels. Therefore, your platform confront everywhere for customers and become accessible.

With a developing technology every passing day, insurance sector progress to digital. In order to string along with changes, it is necessary to using accurate technology.

Please note that the sizable investment is one you invest in your business. The best investment during this process is substructure, team and advertising. Thereby, going through digitalizing process with unfaltering steps open future’s gate.

If you aware this changes and want to take part in this digitalizing process, I would like to respond your agencies’ question regarding the digitalizing. You can contact me on following information.




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